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Footpath Update June 2018

Good news regarding two of our village footpaths, both of which have been closed some considerable time are open!


The Parish Council have been working long and hard to have these paths re-opened, putting pressure on Leeds City Council and, in the case of Footpath 43, the developers of the industrial site.


On Footpath 44, which runs between Finkle Lane and Street Lane the collapsed wall has now been repaired, and this well used path is now open.


Footpath 43,which runs from Gelderd Road, opposite College Road, had been closed for 2 years. This path which cuts through onto Gildersome Spur was well used by the school children walking to Bruntcliffe Academy. They can now do so again.


The Parish Council are working with Public Rights of Way officers, and a number of other footpaths requiring attention have been referred on to them. If any residents have concerns regarding a particular footpath please email or ring 2537019.