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Update June 2019




1 Street Lane centre sold for £360,000

2 Undertaking given by LCC that this money would be used for the refurbishment of the meeting hall

3 User groups identified their needs to LCC

4 LCC provided a plan costing £198,743 (plus fees of 15% - 17.5%) which they said met users needs

5 This was rejected by the PC and user groups

6 No user groups were interested in taking on the lease and running the hall

7 The PC decided to engage an architect (costing £2172) to assess the users and longer term

requirements of the community

8 The PC presented their plan and costings to LCC at a meeting attended by users in Feb 2018 - LCC

were to consider and check costings

9 PC said they would CONSIDER taking on the lease and responsibility of the building provided that:

the full amount of the sale of the Street Lane building was made available

b the PC’s architects plan was agreed

10 Subsequently significant delay by LCC with consideration, information and promised guidance

11 In late 2018 PC was advised to write a Business Plan for taking over the Hall and this was

submitted December.




Martin Dean met with PC and Councillors on the 31st May 2019 to provide feedback and guidance on

the Business Plan. He advised that before it could be sent to the LCC executive board for approval

the business plan needed a 5 year sustainability financial forecast and minor additions. He advised

subject to approvals and completion of documentation that funding slightly less than the £360k

would be made available. Local Councillors agreed to make up the shortfall to that amount.

The PC agreed at their last meeting on the 4th June that as the requested amount of £360k is to be

provided it will proceed.

A sub-committee of the PC is meeting to discuss the way forward and in due course, subject

approval being forthcoming, the project process of revisiting and validating the PC’s proposals by the

architect will commence.




1 Getting approval of the business plan

2 To make sure the money is readily available

3 To negotiate and sign the lease and all other relevant contracts

4 To appoint an architect to design and manage the project within the available funding

5 To identify which LCC departments will need to have input and agree procedures for stage


6 To identify additional funding and or phasing/ value engineering to achieve the final designed


ALL the above issues have to be agreed by Gildersome PC. This is a huge financial undertaking but

the PC believes it can be achieved and provide the village with a first class community space.


Steve Jones (Chair GPC)

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