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As Chair of Gildersome Parish Council I would like to say how impressed myself and colleagues were by the young people who attended Tuesday night's meeting. I totally agree that it is difficult to stand up in that situation, and express their genuine concerns and frustrations of growing up as a teenager in Gildersome.


The Parish Council have long been trying to address this situation. A situation caused by Leeds City Council - initially by their closure of the Youth Centre, and now by their evasion of the refurbishment of the Meeting Hall. The sale of the Youth Centre provided Leeds City Council with £360.000. This money was supposed to be 'ring-fenced' for the refurbishment programme. The Parish Council have produced a design plan which would make the building multi-functional for all of the displaced groups - including the Youth Club and provide many more facilities as well.


After some initial meetings to discuss the refurbishment plans Leeds City Council have now evaded further meetings since January. Ward Councillor's involvement appears to have been ignored, and the Parish Council is deeply suspicious of Leeds City Council's motives. We feel that they have let down the youth of this village.


We have also been let down by the Lottery Commission and Sports England. After a number of applications made by the Gildersome Action Group, and supported by the Parish Council, to fund a Multi Use Games Area in the Street Lane Playing Fields, we are constantly told that we do not qualify. Our postcode, apparently, indicates we are too affluent a village! We have no real genuine need!


I would urge people, especially the youth of Gildersome, to email us at with their concerns. We can then forward these on in future applications for funding, and also send them to Leeds City Council.


Steve L. Jones

Chair Gildersome Parish Council

Chairman's response re:

Youth concerns at our monthly meeting 5th June 2018