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Update Gelderd Road Site - 24th September 2018

Many of you will have probably heard the result of last Thursday's meeting. As expected the Labour led Plans Panel voted it through.You could tell that the Panel and developers, Marshall cdp, weren't going to negotiate anything..... not even the layout and design of the units, and definitely not 24 hour working. They say that because there were no restrictions on working hours in the Outline Planning it can go ahead. They don't accept the arguement in reverse, that there was no permission given for 24 hour working in Outline Planning. Just the usual big brother attitude. Money, power and politics wins.


Councillor Andy Hutchison tried his best for us, but he was vitually a lone voice amongst on the Plans Panel.


The fact that we were going to have a 70 acre industrial development on our doorstep is bad enough, but 24/7 working will have a detrimental effect, not only on the residents of Belle Vue Terrace and Gelderd Road, but the whole village. Noise, traffic and pollution are going to effect our environment and quality of life.


The only positive was that the HGV ban will be implemented, but not sure when.