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The 5g mast planning application has been signed off as a refusal. Please be aware that the applicant can appeal against this decision. Leeds planning advised the applicant of including the Parish Council in any appeal or alternative site suggestions, so hopefully if we can work together we can come up with a more suitable location.

5g mast Planning Refused

Click here for details of planned 5G mast Click here for our objection letter Click here to direct you to LCC planning

Full details of proposed 5G mast, including scale drawing

Copy of GPC objection letter sent to LCC planning. Feel free to use this to give you ideas however please include your own comments or suggestions to add more weight to the argument

Details of the full planning application can be found here

The proposed size of this monstrosity is hard to appreciate. The mast will be huge, 7 metres higher than the surrounding trees!

Mast pic