Parish Council Meetings

The Parish Council meets on the first Tuesday of each month. If the first Tuesday coincides with a bank holiday, the meeting is held on the following Tuesday. There is no meeting in August.

The June and July Parish Council Meetings will be held at Gildersome Primary School, not Gildersome Meeting Hall.
Due to Covid restrictions we are asking that any members of the public wishing to attend this month’s meeting, please give your name and contact details to the Clerk prior to the meeting. Also please observe the Visitor Guidelines in place at Gildersome Primary School.


As with our previous meeting held in the village Meeting Hall, they are open to the public, and we are available to hear of any concerns or problems. The format is the same. Residents have 3 minutes at the beginning of the meeting to share their concerns with the Parish Council, who can then table it for discussion at the relevant time.

If you require any further information on this, or any other matter, please contact the Parish Clerk:

The next meeting is on Tuesday 6th July at 19:00

If you wish to speak at the beginning of the meeting, you need to register your details with the Parish Clerk at least a day before the meeting.


Please contact the Gildersome Parish Council Clerk directly at if you require any meeting minutes from previous years.

All Town or Parish Councillors have to complete a document known as the Register of Pecuniary and Other Interests. The original documents are retained by the Parish Clerk, and copies forwarded to Leeds Governance Services. It is also a legal requirement for this information to be be put on the City Council’s website.

The following weblink will enable you to access the information relating to Gildersome, and other Parish Councils on the website.

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