Crime Statistics for Gildersome

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  JUNE / JULY 21

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There have been no recorded burglaries in the last four weeks.

Theft of motor vehicle

There have been none recorded in the last four weeks.

Theft from motor vehicle

There have been none recorded in the last four weeks.

NPT Priorities

Speeding is still the most commonly raised issue in the Morley North ward. Gildersome in particular as a main arterial route used also by pedestrians. We have officers trained in the deployment of approved speed measuring devices. We have been and will continue to deploy such officers in these areas of concern, at the relevant times as identified from community reports and intelligence for speeding. We will enforce the speed limit where there is a persistent problem and advise where there is an emerging, lower problem with minor breaches. Also, HGV vehicles using a route as a cut through (not there to deliver in the village) is an issue. We will gather evidence of this and deal with offenders where operational commitments allow. We will liaise with partner agencies to ask them to use their expertise and powers to design out, where possible, the issues with HGV vehicles. There have been some Anti-social behaviour (ASB) issues that have arisen in the Gildersome area that have involved graffiti on road signs and posters being left around the area and some lower level ASB also. We are already and will continue to deal promptly and robustly with any such offences where the evidence exists to allow us to lawfully do so. We are conducting patrols and working with partner agencies to tackle such issues which we will continue with.