Crime Prevention -Advice from your PCSOs

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‘Take the time to check that your house, property and vehicles are locked and secure’

Advice and checklists from West Yorkshire Police

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The police attend the Parish Council meetings and pass on regular advice to keep your homes, property and cars secure.

Winter can often see a rise in crime due to the longer dark nights.

At home

  • Keep lights on when dark or use timer switches.
  • Use outdoor security lighting.
  • If away, ask neighbours to close your curtains so your house looks occupied.
  • Don’t leave packaging outside your home which advertises new purchases (eg new TV)
  • CCTV –
    • keep the hard drives hidden as these will be stolen if they can be seen.
    • Make sure CCTC cameras are locked in place, so they can’t be easily swivelled round
  • Make sure doors and windows are locked.
  • Replace Euro style locks with anti snap locks/ anti drill locks.
  • Sheds – use a shed bar and coach bolt hinges.
  • Try to secure access to the back of your house/garden/ lock gates.
  • Install sash jammers on locks and doors.


  • Take additional measures if you have keyless entry e.g. crook lock/steering locks.
  • Keep belongings out of sight/ remove tools from vans.
  • Use a Faraday pouch/boxes if you have keyless entry fobs.
  • Use tracking devices eg Apple AirTags 

Advice poster from the Police about keeping sheds and garages secure.

Advice poster from police about Theft from Motor Vehicle


The summer 2021 Police Crime Prevention Newsletter can de downloaded here.