Playground Improvements

Avatar for Gildersome Parish Council

25th September 2023

New equipment, blue spinner bowl, slide for 1-4 year olds, floor designs


This playground is owned and maintained by Leeds City Council, but the Parish Council has been very concerned that it appears to have been neglected in recent years.

To this end, we have requested that essential safety work is carried out to some of the surfaces. 

In addition, a new toddler play castle and spinner bowl will be installed for the 1-4 year old children.

The Parish Council think that it essential to provide play equipment for this younger age group. The playground is so well used and is the heart of the village for families. The Parish Council will be paying £17,000, the bulk of the cost, to enable this work to go ahead. Leeds City Council will not fund it.


Spinning is vital in child development. Believe it or not, children need the dizzying input that comes from spinning. These important movement experiences help the child’s nervous system mature and organise. And the best thing is that the children love it. 


Playing is how toddlers learn about the world around them. Through play, they try out new skills, explore their imagination and creativity, and learn about relationships with other people.