Gildersome Table Top Sale Returns! Finalised!

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Sunday 16th July 2023, 10am

List of houses taking part in table top stall.

List of houses taking part in table top stall.

Map showing location of houses

Area 1

Gildersome Green – Several stalls

40 Forest Bank

1a Church St

The Vicarage, Church St

St Peter’s Church

Brierdene, Church St

17 Church St

20 Church St

Opposite New Inn/Ashwood Drive – Several Stalls

1 Church Gardens

3 Ashwood Grove

35 Ashwood Drive

3 Moorfield

6 Moorfield

8 Moorfield

24 Moorfield

3 Ashwood Gardens

12 Scott Green Drive

6 Scott Green Grove

75 Springbank Rd

60 Springbank Road

Area 2

The Laurels, (Old PO no 120) Street Lane

47 Finkle Lane

38 Parkway

50 Parkway

66 Parkway

7 The Nooks

13 The Nooks

3 Harthill Parade

19 Harthill Parade

24 Harthill Rise

2 Harthill Paddock

3 Harthill Paddock

1 Harthill

5 Highfield Gardens

11 Highfield Close

3 Kenilworth Gardens  

14 Kenilworth Gardens


This year we will again include some of the ‘green’ areas of the village.You can still sell from your own doorstep and have your address put on a list or you can go to the designated areas mentioned on the poster.

1. Gildersome Green

2. Ashwood Drive opposite the New Inn

3. Park Crescent

4. Springbank Avenue

5. Church Avenue/ Springbank Road

Registration is still required for all areas to ensure we don’t go over capacity for the license.

Our license rules include no selling of alcohol and no businesses due to market licenses.

You may use a small gazebo but ask to you to be considerate of others setting up so everyone can fit on.

Once set up on ‘green’ areas, if cars could be moved back to your property, that will be helpful for people who are visiting.

By signing up to this event, you are agreeing to uphold these rules.

To register, send your address and the area you would like to have your stall to