Gildersome Table Top Sale Returns!

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Sunday 23rd June 2024 – Yes the same day as Scarecrow Festival

More details will follow soon

Gildersome Table Top Sale Sunday 23rd June 10am- 4pm Contact to register.

Only residents of Gildersome can apply.

This year we will have some limited ‘green’ areas of the village.

1. Griffin Corner (near the Little Library)

2. Griffin Corner Landscaped area

3. Park Crescent

4. Scott Green Little Library


Registration is still required for all areas to ensure we don’t go over capacity for the license.

Our license rules include no selling of alcohol and no businesses due to market licenses.

You may use a small gazebo but ask to you to be considerate of others setting up so everyone can fit on.

Once set up on ‘green’ areas, if cars could be moved back to your property, that will be helpful for people who are visiting.

By signing up to this event, you are agreeing to uphold these rules.

To register, send your address and the area you would like to have your stall to: