Gildersome Tree Light Up Night 2021

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Friday 19th November 6.45pm

Christmas Lights saying Merry Christmas Gildersome
Christmas Lights saying Merry Christmas Gildersome
Many thanks to everyone that helped make Light Up Night 2021 a success:
Birchfield and Gildersome Primary Schools for their Christmas Medley.
Morley and District Community Band.
Graham Brown for putting up the Christmas tree, and sorting the lights on the tree and many other lights.
Roger Bennett for the amazing firework display.
Eddie and his team for the brilliant sound and screen system. Gildersome finally on the big screen!
Adam Cousens for additional CCTV security to monitor the Christmas tree.
Helpers setting in up the event and refreshment: Al, Paul, Brenda, Elaine, Mia, Lexi, Kath
and in a special role Matt Nixon!
And of course all the villagers who came to Light Up Night!
Gildersome Meeting Hall with a band ensemble playing Christmas Music with spectators waiting for fireworks Red fireworks against black night sky

Christmas Tree light up night Friday 19th November 6.45pm