Update –
Display of Community Art Project
Monday 19th April, 3pm.
Meeting Hall

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Anna has been delighted with the response to this project and there are some brilliant creations.

The artwork will be on display on Monday 19th April from 3pm onwards, outside the Meeting Hall.

Please come and have a look at how creative Gildersome residents have been.

Plastic bottles cardboard paper magazine recycled into a 3D piece of art work

Original Post

Home is where the repurposed art is.

I am a Gildersome resident studying at Leeds Arts University and am embarking on a community art project that I hope can help bring the local community together, at a time when we must be apart.

Did you know you could repurpose your waste materials into a work of art? Such as giving your old plastic bottles a new life as a fun figure, or old cardboard into a colourful love heart.

Each year the UK creates enough rubbish to fit into 260 large cruise ships and only 45% of our waste is recycled. I thought this collaborative art project might help to reduce some waste materials by repurposing them into artworks.

The theme for the project is metamorphosis, the change of one form into a new one. So, if you would like to take part in this community project and help to reduce waste whilst doing something fun, you will need to gather up your waste materials found around your home and metamorphose them from their current form into a new artistic one! Anyone, young or old, can participate but children will need supervision and the necessary support.

Let your artistic talents come to life!

The possibilities are endless…let your imagination go wild!

As Picasso suggested “All children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.” So why not release your artistic talents and be amazed at what you can create whilst contributing to this community art project to memorialise this time in history with your amazing artwork.

To register, please contact Anna on repurposedcommunityart@gmail.com

The artwork you create needs to:

  1. Stand up
  2. Be no bigger than an A4 sheet of paper
  3. Resemble your happy feelings whilst in lockdown. For example, time spent with your family, learning/developing a new skill, a special book/film/sport/game you enjoy, a pet or favourite animal
  4. Create something in one of the rainbow’s bright colours, this will then fit with the final collaborative piece

Please photograph your exciting artwork as you go along and your final artwork in front of a plain background by 30/3/21 and email the images to: repurposedcommunityart@gmail.com

*Please hold on to your artwork and, as soon as it is allowed again, I will collect your wonderful pieces of repurposed art for display in the village as one collaborative village artwork.


and remember:

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” Van Gogh